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Trying to make sense of Vox Day...

Vox Day is probably not a name you've heard of before. And you're not likely to again. But he is, apparently, the author of a new book laying into "Irrational Atheists". You can find him posting over on "World Net Daily", a bastion of common sense and decency where you can find such treasures as "Shooting Back" (lauding a pistol-packin' Christian who takes on a terrorist.. and wins!), and also pick up a t-shirt pre-printed so that you can "Tell Osama what you think". It sounds like a spoof, but they seem to be genuine...

Anyway, it's worth popping over to see Mr Day's latest missive, The Math Delusion. Basically, amid torrent of abuse and attempts at ridicule, he seems to be complaining that Richard Dawkins... well to be honest I'm not entirely sure what he's complaining about. It's something to do with the fact that RD has pointed out improbability of the Universe just popping into existence, that Natural Selection provides an excellent example of a mechanism by which complexity can be generated from simplicity, and that maybe, when (if) we discover the theory that explains the Universe, it may well turn out to be something as elegant (perhaps even a form of Natural Selection, as has been hypothesized by Lee Smolin).

Of course, we don't yet have a Grand Unified Theory, and we may never have. So it's an example of something that We Don't Currently Know. And as every good Christian Polemicist knows (and even the incoherent ones like Vox Day), anything that We Don't Currently Know is evidence for the existence of God!

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  1. Vox Day is a pretty repulsive toad, who's ramblings on WorldNutDaily are rather famous. A search of various blogs (Phayngula, Monkey Trials, Dispatches from the culture wars - some good ones there, and many others) can give the rundown on him. I think his support of genocide as a good deed (when ordered by his god, of course) makes him especially odious (although I know others who agree with him). "Unscrewing the Inscrutable" ( has a post on this subject, and Vox even shows up to lay the Holy Smack down.


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