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Who are you?

Well, Pleiotropy's done it, so now it's my turn. Yes, the "Who are you" blogging meme hits Epiphenom!

It's simple. I'd like to find out a little bit about you, dear reader. Just write something about yourself in the comments - who you are, where you live, what interests you, how you've come to be the person you are. That sort of thing. If you're reading this somewhere other than FieldofScience then you need to travel here to add comments where I'll see them!

Take the survey!

I've also made a survey - a very quick one, just seven multi-choice questions. I'll post the results up here next week. Go on, do it!

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  1. My name is Karl Frank. I run the blog I am agnostic/atheist and am interested in epistemology. I found your blog through Dale McGowan's blog and was very happy about it. Epiphenom is on my blogroll.

    I live in St. Louis, MO and have my whole life. I am a self-employed computer consultant, youth football coach, married father of four, and elected school board member for our local school district of 11,000 students.

    I'm an avid reader, writer, and researcher just for the sake of it and love Nassim Nicolas Taleb's classification of "skeptical empiricist." I think it explains me pretty well.

    More than anything, I love my kids and family.

    Anything else?

  2. Taking each question in turn: Philosophy lecturer, living in Poland, interested in cognitive science of religion and supernatural beliefs and practices from a naturalist point of view in general, grew up in Poland and Australia reading too much Bertrand Russell.

  3. This should be fun.

    I am Charles Valsechi, a junior illustration major at Ringling college of art and design. I live in central Florida when I am not at school. I am interested in drawing and painting, mostly traditionally. My favorite subjects are people. I hope one day to do work for Irene Gallo at Tor books, and to create my own licenses. I am the person I am based on the heritage that predates my grandparents, my genes, my environment and opportunities, my parents example, and the person I work towards becoming. Mostly because a friend in middle school drew much better than me and I was always trying to catch up.

    Thanks for letting me share I hope you drop by my blog:


  4. I am Alex, and I live in Geelong, Australia, just outside of Melbourne. I am currently in my final year of highschool, completing my IB diploma. If you don't know what that is, it's basically an internationally recognized highschool certificate. I came across this site as part of my research for my extended essay, which is a 4,000 word research essay that is one of out assessment tasks for the IB. It has been very helpful!

    As for my interests... well I am pretty keen on science, but can develop an interest in pretty much anything. I am thinking of a career in science, medicine, or possibly chemical engineering after I finish highschool (it's a hard choice).

  5. Hi.
    I'm a computer science professor specializing in human-computer interaction, living in the US (the bible belt, actually - help!), and I am interested in cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and political science. I am an atheist, and I believe I got to your blog from something I read on Pharyngula...

    My interest in religion began when I moved from Canada to the bible belt. Hadn't needed a religious label growing up in Canada - now I feel smothered by religion....

    Thanks for the cool blog!

  6. I'm Vincent Toups, neuroscience postdoc and data-analyst-at-least-semi-extraordinaire.

    I live in The Triangle area, do science, write music, and think about why humans do the things they do.

  7. My name is Aimee. I have my master's degree in developmental psychology, and formerly was Director of Education for a children's museum. I currently am a stay-at-home mom to a 3 year old. I found your blog via The Meming of Life. I am fascinated by the research you present on the brain and religion.

  8. who you are

    I am he who heeds. (Known out west as Heehooheez.)

    where you live

    California, still.

    what interests you


    how you've come to be the person you are

    Luck. Misfortune. Help. Harm. Optimism. Pessimism. Biology. Culture. Blatant neglect. Painstaking effort.

  9. My name is Thomas A. Lewis. I live in West Virginia, U.S.A and am currently writing my master's thesis explaining how the rhetoric of religion reveals much about the underlying cognition.

    I love the blog. If I were to ever start one of my own, it would be very similar.

  10. Retired; worked 45 years in science and technology (industry and academia); most recently visiting prof of biology at a private liberal arts college; blog at Panda's Thumb; administrator at Secular Cafe. Background (work experience and/or degrees) in human engineering, anthropology, cognitive science, biology (evolutionary modeling). Mainly interested now in science/religion issues.

  11. Thanks all, for all the comments - both her and on the survey (113 people done it so far). Great to hear from people! I can see from the stats that the blog is quite widely read, but it's fantastic to be able to get a put some virtual faces to the numbers!

    Thomas, you'll have to send me a copy of your thesis when finished. It sounds fascinating!

  12. Surely sharing survey specifics soon, señor?


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