Field of Science Reader's Choice Awards - nominations open

Just a quick heads up: Austin Cline, who's been running the Agnosticism/Atheism spot at for, oh about as long as I can remember (over a decade now), is hosting their Reader's Choice awards.

There's a bunch of categories that you can nominate websites for (You can read more about them here):
  • Best Book of 2010
  • Best Podcast
  • Best Blog
  • Best Twitter
  • Best Page
  • Best Social Networking Website:
Nominations are open until Feb 4, and voting begins after that! Submit nominations here.

Creative Commons License This article by Tom Rees was first published on Epiphenom. It is licensed under Creative Commons.


  1. You shameless creature, you ! ;-)

    I went to that site to nominate your site as one of my favorite atheist websites, but the only options is to list "THE BEST" whatever.

    I rarely think in terms of "best". If they'd have asked me to list my top 10 sites I read, they could have given us some very useful information. But instead, I was left that site shaking my head in disappointment. Why do I expect more from atheists -- I am so naive.

    So, sorry, you will have to rely on more categorical atheists to get yourself a sticker. What a silly game.

  2. :) well not that shameless. Although I very fond of this blog, I'm not under any illusions that it's the best atheist/agnostic blog on the web! The subject matter is too specialised, never mind any stylistic criticisms...

    Austin sent the link through to me, and his spot on has a special place in my heart. After moving on from usenet in the late 90s, I spent hours there on the forum and rooting around the site. And I still go back there of course (not to the forum any more, no time for that, sadly!).

  3. Indeed -- but your site is one of my favorite. Too bad it is such a silly poll.


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