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Atheists Are Generous-They Just Don't Give to Charity

I write a regular column for Free Inquiry, the magazine of the Council for Secular Humanism, in the USA. Most often, you can only read them if you're a subscriber. But it looks like my last one was one of the ones they picked to be above the paywall.

So here's a link to it: Atheists Are Generous-They Just Don't Give to Charity. I wrote it as a response to a column by Tom Flynn, the journal's editor: Are Secularists Less Generous?

The general theme will be pretty familiar to regular readers. If you're interested to read more about the studies cited, well here's where you can find the relevant blog posts:
You might also want to take a look at Least Church-Going Rich Countries Give Most!

Creative Commons License This article by Tom Rees was first published on Epiphenom. It is licensed under Creative Commons.

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