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Epiphenom on your Mobile Phone

If you view the blog on a phone, then it should detect that fact and serve you up a reduced-fat version. If you're seeing the heavy version, then bookmark this URL:


Download the Nokia app

If you have a Nokia phone, then you can now download a dedicated Epiphenom app from the Ovi store.

It's an easy way to get not only the stories on the main blog, but also 'mini-Epiphenom' (interesting bits n pieces from around the web) and all the comments.

The screenshot shows what it looks like on my N97.

Use a News Reader
New Readers for phones work just like the ones for desktops. There's a variety of different ones out there, although Snaptu seems to be available for most phones.

To use a News Reader, you need to enter the addresses for the news feed you are interested in. Here's the various feeds for Epiphenom:


If you have any problems, just drop me an email.